Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a prototypic chronic-inflammatory disease of the central nervous system characterized by multiple demyelinating lesions across gray and white matter areas. Deconvoluting the spatio-temporal cellular and molecular landscape is therefore key to understanding underlying disease mechanisms and to develop cell-type specific precision therapies.


The Schirmer lab has a wide experience in single-cell RNA-sequencing and transgenic model systems focusing on neuroglial and immune cell subtypes in neuroinflammatory diseases. The focus in the lab is on neuroglial and immune cell pathologies in progressive inflammatory diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, such as MS and myositis.


Research in the Schirmer lab integrates a broad spectrum of multi-omics approaches and utilizes work with experimental models and human tissues in a synergistic way to track down reactive cell-type specific molecular states in compartmentalized progressive neuroinflammation.